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Who We Are | How We Work

Our History

EventKaddy mobile guides are created by conference-industry veterans Soma Media Inc. We are motivated by a vision of using the latest mobile technology to transform the way attendees, exhibitors, and organizers connect at conferences with tailor-made mobile guides.

Our Innovations

We love to innovate, coming up with great solutions for our customers. For WVC, Fiserv and SIGGRAPH, we delivered customized solutions to meet their evolving requirements. Since our EventKaddy platform is extraordinarily flexible and robust, customizing is cost-effective.

Our Pricing Process

1.   We listen to you
2.   Determine the scope
3.   You choose the platforms
4.   You choose the features
5.   We provide the proposal
6.   You decide

Our Work Process

1.   Create a workback schedule
2.   Determine the to do list
3.   We provide the templates
4.   You provide the data
5.   We brand your guide
6.   We populate your guide
7.   Review it together
8.   We submit it to the stores
9.   We turn over the CMS to you
10. We provide support