You have enough on your plate.  Let us make recording and sharing your event's story worry-free. 


Graphics + Audio

Don't bother with audio-only solutions; your audience will miss half the story. Our recording methods ensure that everything presented on screen is captured in HD video.


Camera + Graphics + Audio

Take your event further by capturing the presenter synchronized with their slides. Viewer retention is improved by seeing the speaker in action.


B-Roll & Interviews

Why not take the opportunity to interview attendees, exhibitors and capture moments from your event with a video crew ready to catch those special moments. By involving your exhibitors you can increase your sponsorship revenue.

How can you attract new visitors?


Engage your existing audience to share your story with the world.



Live Streaming connects your event to your audience the moment it happens. Field their questions or hear what's on their minds with live chat. Gauge audience participation with instant analytics. Bring the event to your audience.


Facebook Live

People love watching video. We produce engaging content to inform your current Facebook audience and help new followers discover you too!



YouTube Live is a fast, powerful way to connect with your audience in the moment.  Use live streaming to share experiences and unscripted responses to your events.



Leverage your most valuable conference asset, your content, to provide timely information to your attendees. We can record, edit and deliver your content online, often in less than 24 hours.

Quality without the cost


Recording video isn’t the costly endeavor it used to be. With the advent of compact, high quality HD recording devices, it’s no longer necessary to use bulky and expensive broadcast equipment. We use cost-effective, portable devices to capture your content at a quality unheard of a few years ago, with the savings passed on to you.



Bringing your content to a new audience


For the past 15 years, Soma Media has been expanding the reach of our client's events with the recording and distribution of their valuable content. Sharing your event with a broader audience creates awareness and engagement, providing benefits long after it's finished. Here are a few examples of the work we've done.



ACM SIGGRAPH Annual Conference

The world’s largest computer graphics conference, Soma Media partnered with the Association for Computing Machinery to capture and distribute their content to a worldwide audience


Western Veterinary Conference

Recording over 700 educational sessions during the 5 day conference, Soma Media also produced a 3 day live streaming event as part of their Exhibit Hall activities.


BCBS National

Beyond providing a custom EventKaddy conference app, we live-streamed the General Session room, allowing those unable to attend to participate in the Keynote and other important sessions.

A Full Range of Services


Soma Media offers a wide range of recording and distribution services, telling your events story to a wider audience. From recording or live streaming in High Definition to distributing via physical media or an online portal, we have your content covered.



Event Recording

From one room to more than thirty, we record what the attendees see, slides, videos, demos and all, and can make it available in 24hours or less.


Live Streaming

Engage an outside audience with live streaming. Our platform makes them part of the crowd, with live chat and moderated questions to the presenters.



Our custom interfaces provide an integrated, searchable platform that allows your video and related information to be viewed long after the event.


Video Portal

Put your videos online with our customizable video portal. An advanced search engine, play lists, and the ability to include supporting content give your audience the flexibility they require.